I just got back from Best Buy and learned from the Samsung Rep that the Release Date for the Samsung Gear S3 has officially been set for November 18th, 2016.  I’m pretty pumped about this and hoping my wife will get this for me for my birthday.  So according to the rep, the cost will be between $300 and $400, the case size will be slightly larger than the Samsung Gear S2, and will come in two versions, the S3 and the S3 Connect.  The S3 connect will be 4G LTE SIM card capable meaning it can act as a standalone phone when equipped with a SIM card from your mobile network carrier.  The major Networks each offer plans that allow you to add an additional SIM card for each phone number on your plan for an additional $10 to $15 per each added SIM card.  This will give you the ability to leave your phone at home or in your locker while at the gym and still be able to make and receive phone calls, listen to music, access the web, and more.  The other cool thing about the S3 (and also the S2) is that you can connect either one to your Bluetooth headset and stream music from your favorite music player app on your watch.  This means you can run, walk, or workout, and listen to your music on your Bluetooth headset without having to carry your phone with you–talk about cool.  In addition, you can chose from thousands of apps to download onto the watch.  My kids were getting restless so we had to leave Best Buy before I could learn any more.  However, stay tuned as I will definitely be heading back there soon as well as doing more research to learn as much as I can about the S3 before it comes out.