I believe in staying up with the latest technology so you don’t have to and keeping you informed of the latest products designed to help keep you connected with the most important people and manage those most pressing tasks. I believe in an active and healthy lifestyle where keeping track of your dedication and hard work should be as easy as pressing a button.


I began by selling electronics on Ebay and eventually settled into the smartwatch niche. After several months of building my network supply chain with various Chinese manufacturers, I learned that a certain model of smartwatch could have several different versions, that is computers. For example, I had been ordering the DZ09 Smartwatch from a certain supplier for a few months and decided to switch to another who was offering a lower price. When I opened the shipment and turned on one of the watches to test it, I noticed that the resolution of the clock faces were of lesser quality than those of my other supplier. After messing around with it some more, I also noticed it had fewer themes than the others. When I pointed this out to the supplier, she explained that the reason for this was because the watch with the lower resolution clock faces and fewer themes had a less expensive computer with less ROM than the other. The watches looked exactly the same on the outside, however upon comparing the features side by side, one was clearly superior than the other. I realized that most (if not all) Ebay shoppers had absolutely no idea about this and were simply opting for the watch with the best price. As an Ebay seller I was frustrated by this because I wanted to build a reputation for offering a quality product, however I couldn’t possibly survive on Ebay without offering the less expensive model. I eventually liquidated my inventory and started this website to share my knowledge and provide information to help people better understand the Ebay Smartwatches.