Building Your Own Wifi Sound System

If you are tech savvy enough to download an app and plug an aux line in to the back of a speaker, then you have what it takes to build your own wifi sound system.  You may also be happy to know that you can spend as little or as much as you like and [...]

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What is an Active Speaker?

An active or powered speaker is a speaker with the amplifier built-in.  An active speaker differs from the traditional home audio speaker in that, while it still requires a power source and some type of audio signal feed, it does not require an external amplifier/receiver or speaker wire.  A common type of active speaker that [...]

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What is Google Chromecast Audio?

In a nutshell, Google Chromecast Audio is a liberating piece of technology that gives you the freedom to create a wifi home audio system of whatever price and quality range that you choose.  And, believe it or not, with Google Chromecast Audio technology you can create a wifi home audio system that is superior to [...]

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Samsung Gear S3 Release Date

I just got back from Best Buy and learned from the Samsung Rep that the Release Date for the Samsung Gear S3 has officially been set for November 18th, 2016.  I'm pretty pumped about this and hoping my wife will get this for me for my birthday.  So according to the rep, the cost will [...]

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Looking for an Alternative to a Sonos Sound System?

Do you love the incredible sound quality of Sonos speakers but can't quite stomach the hefty price tag?  What if I told you there was a way to replicate Sonos incredible sound quality that a Sonos system offers including the convenience and practicality of wifi connectivity and built-in ampliers at a fraction of the cost?  Well there [...]

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My 2G GSM SIM Card won’t work with my Chinese Smartwatch!

For my previous blog that explains more about SIM cards and what type you need for your DZ09, GT08, A1, G3, or D3 Chinese smartwatch please click HERE.  If you read that blog or spent hours of frustration trying to figure the whole SIM card thing out like I did, you are aware that you [...]

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I can’t get my Chinese Smartwatch to work with a SIM Card!

Based on my experience selling Chinese smartwatches on Ebay, most people use Chinese smartwatches a Bluetooth extension of their smartphone and won't run into this problem.  However, if you are a gadget nerd like myself, you won't be able to resist the temptation to head to the nearest wireless store that runs on a 2G GSM network to [...]

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Has the DZ09 Run its Course?

Is the DZ09 Smart Watch a thing of the past?  Designed to resemble the Samsung Gear 2, the wildly popular Ebay smart watch first hit the market in 2015 and has since undergone significant changes to its current state today.  Manufactured in China by many different factories, the DZ09 was originally supported by the MTK6260 CPU [...]

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What App do I use for my Chinese Smartwatch?

Is your DZ09, GT08, A1, A9, G3, W51, T2, or Q2 Chinese smartwatch asking you to "Please install BT notifier in remote device"?  This is because an app is needed on your smartphone to coordinates the communication between your smartwatch and your smartphone.  After experiencing frustration trying to find a "BT Notifier" that actually worked [...]

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Why Can’t I Connect My Smartwatch to My Bluetooth Headset?

"My watch is Bluetooth and so is my headset, so why am I having trouble connecting them?"  I had never thought to try this myself, however I got this question from a few of my customers when I was selling smartwatches on Ebay.  In my efforts to provide solid customer service, I set out to find [...]

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