Looking for an Alternative to a Sonos Sound System?

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    Do you love the incredible sound quality of Sonos speakers but can't quite stomach the hefty price tag?  What if I told you there was a way to replicate Sonos incredible sound quality that a Sonos [...]

    My 2G GSM SIM Card won’t work with my Chinese Smartwatch!

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    For my previous blog that explains more about SIM cards and what type you need for your DZ09, GT08, A1, G3, or D3 Chinese smartwatch please click HERE.  If you read that blog or spent [...]

    I can’t get my Chinese Smartwatch to work with a SIM Card!

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    Based on my experience selling Chinese smartwatches on Ebay, most people use Chinese smartwatches a Bluetooth extension of their smartphone and won't run into this problem.  However, if you are a gadget nerd like myself, you won't [...]

    Has the DZ09 Run its Course?

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    Is the DZ09 Smart Watch a thing of the past?  Designed to resemble the Samsung Gear 2, the wildly popular Ebay smart watch first hit the market in 2015 and has since undergone significant changes to [...]