What App do I use for my Chinese Smartwatch?

    By | September 1st, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|

    Is your DZ09, GT08, A1, A9, G3, W51, T2, or Q2 Chinese smartwatch asking you to "Please install BT notifier in remote device"?  This is because an app is needed on your smartphone to coordinates [...]

    Why Can’t I Connect My Smartwatch to My Bluetooth Headset?

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    "My watch is Bluetooth and so is my headset, so why am I having trouble connecting them?"  I had never thought to try this myself, however I got this question from a few of my customers [...]

    What is a SIM Card and how do I get one for my Smartwatch?

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    A SIM Card is basically your own personal key to your mobile carrier's wireless network.  Most commonly used in mobile phones, a 2G GSM SIM card can be inserted into a DZ09, GT08, A1, G3, [...]